VCA is the Dutch abbreviation for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors (Veiligheid Checklist Aannemers in Dutch). This proven program functions as the standard for safe, healthy and sustainable work. VCA certification lays the foundation for a safe and healthy work environment. A distinction can be made between the following VCA certifications for companies:

  • VCA *: For subcontractors;
  • VCA **: For main contractors;
  • VCA P: For companies in the petrochemical sector;
  • VCU: For companies in the detachment and temporary employment sector.


Obtaining a VCA certification

Today, VCA is a requirement for many clients, so you might miss out on assignments when you are not certified. VCA is an international system and is recognized in various EU member states. This way, you can always use it as a guideline since it is a broadly accepted checklist. With a RI&E the steps that you need to take to become VCA certified become clear.


VCA certified by Solutio

At Solutio we create management systems specifically aimed at your needs and wishes. We help you map all risks to your organization and create an action plan to help minimize them. Together with you, we ensure that you and your employees can work safely, healthy and sustainably.

In addition to optimizing your business processes, we can also provide your employees with an in-company VCA training with an official examination. Our training courses are fully tailored to the knowledge and experience of your employees and training outside normal office hours is also possible.

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