Training & Courses

Advantages of Incompany & Customization

  • Tailored to your needs;
  • Cost-effective at your location. Save money on travel time and costs;
  • Training outside regular office hours, 24/7;
  • Training in multiple languages possible.

Occupational Health & Safety

  • VCA basic safety
  • Prevention employee







Emergency Response Officers

  • Company Emergency Services / Basic emergency response (BHV)
  • Company assistance with first aid
  • Head of company emergency services
  • Team leader of company emergency services
  • BHV receptionist
  • Calamity training receptionist
  • First aid for working with children

Safety during calamities

  • Independent Breathing Air carrier (SOG)
  • Fire Alarm Manager
  • Small fire extinguishers / Fire and Evacuation






Safety with hazardous substances

  • Handling hazardous substances
  • Work permit and TRA
  • Gas measurement (SOG)
  • Flange montage protocol
  • ATEX (explosion safety)
  • Outside guard (manhole guard)

Electrical security

  • Safety for Operational Managers (VCA)
  • VOP (NEN 3140)
  • VP (NEN 3140)
  • Installation Manager (NEN 3140)
  • Approval of electronic work equipment (NEN 3140)

Food safety

  • HACCP basic training

Transport and transfer safety

  • Forklift competence
  • Reachtruck competence
  • Safe lifting
  • GDP
  • ADR awareness (transport of dangerous goods, road)
  • ADR awareness with IDMG (transport of dangerous goods, water)
  • Competence Handling Hazardous Substances (NEN 3655)

Professional in-company training for competent employees and process optimization

Solutio offers various professional in-company training programs in the area of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment (QSHE). The content of the course is customized for your company. As a result, the content of the training is fully applicable to the work situation, in contrast to a ‘standard’ training of which the content is largely not applicable to the situation of your employees.

We aim to take on full care: from first contact to certification and registration. With one contact person who is always aware of your situation, we can produce results fast.


Personal – efficient – effective

We consider personal attention and care essential when organizing our company training programs, because we can precisely match the content of the training programs and courses to your company and business. Sometimes, for example, it is more effective and efficient to choose an in-company training. However, we have our own training facility and you can also suggest any location of choice. It goes without saying that your agenda is the central factor when planning company courses.


Guaranteed quality

We guarantee that our courses comply with the highest requirements. That’s why we work with regular teachers who have solid practical experience. Thanks to our wide network, we can also provide urgent in-company training programs for you.

Most of our courses are applicable to Dutch legislation. Is your preferred course not included in this list? Send us a request.

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