Every Dutch employer is required to have a workplace policy. An RI&E, which is the Dutch abbreviation of Risico Inventarisatie & Evaluatie (and roughly translates to Risk Assessment & Evaluation), has been compulsory for all employers in the Netherlands since January 1st, 1994. The only exception to the rule are self-employed people without any employees. Organizations with 40 hours of work per week, spread amongst all employees, are also obliged to have an RI&E. In order to maintain a good workplace policy, an employer needs to map out all possible risks within the company. This is done through an RI&E. Solutio is your partner when it comes to analyzing all of these risks and helps you prevent them.


RI&E for your company

An RI&E maps all possible dangers in a company involving the health, safety and well-being of employees. This guideline pays special attention to employees who fall under the ‘special categories’ including elderly, partially disabled and pregnant people. The RI&E specifies which risks are unacceptable and how you can prevent them.


A safe workplace with the RI&E

At Solutio, the RI&E always forms the starting point for safeguarding the requirements of occupational health and safety. When all dangers and risks have been identified, we draw up a plan of approach. In this plan, we describe which measures need to be taken to tackle the identified risks, within which time limit this has to be done and who is responsible for overseeing this process. Companies working with hazardous substances require an additional RI&E, with which Solutio can assist as well.

The plan of action that is created, is part of a larger whole. We implement all necessary changes in your business process with a tailor-made Plug-In Management System©. Additional aspects can be added to this management system over time, as it is perfectly tailored to your organizational processes.


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