Quality Assurance

Structural attention to quality improves your results

Quality assurance has an impact on all possible parts of your business processes. With a good quality assurance management system you can keep a close eye on the quality within your organization. Improving said assurance leads to satisfied customers, employees and other stakeholders, but also to interest cost control and an increase in turnover. It also provides support in case of liability and it has a positive effect on the corporate image. With a good quality assurance system, the quality within your organization can be improved and properly maintained. Solutio assists you with the quality assurance and risk management for your projects. You will also be prepared for certification.


Embedding quality assurance in the business process

To truly embed quality assurance in your organization, we always map out your entire business process first. We record the process of your organization in a modular way with our Plug-In Management System©. Paying attention to quality assurance and risk management in your projects is an essential part of this. The Plug-In Management System©, which is customized to fit the specific needs of your company, provides insight into where quality affects the various processes, what the consequences are of changes and where unnecessary and unacceptable risks can be found. We then implement the necessary adjustments in your current management system and process flow, which you can implement immediately. This way you safeguard the appropriate elements of quality and customer satisfaction in your organization, while optimizing your business process at the same time.


Improving your quality assurance with Solutio

Solutio is very involved with its clients and always thinks ahead. We help both large- and small-scale projects with the optimization of business processes. We believe a quality assurance system is not a standalone entity, but see it as a subprocess of a larger whole. When choosing Solutio as your partner, you are ensured of a complete solution which meets all requirements relevant to your business. You will also be ready for certification if necessary.

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Norms, standards, guidelines and legislation

Solutio supports you with a tailor-made quality assurance system so you can meet the various norms, standards, guidelines, laws & regulations that are important to your organization. We can advise you on both a national and international level, so that you do not run into any risks and your organization is allowed to excel. Below you will find some certificates that we can help you obtain and models with which we can take the quality assurance to a high level.

ISO 27001

Information security

ISO 22000

Food safety


Quality of provided care

NEN-EN 15224

Quality & Risk management in care and welfare organizations

ISO 31000

Risk management


Quality model for companies who wish to excel in this area


Business model focussed on the excellende of the organization (quality care TQM)


The assurance and improvement of the quality of health care

ISO 15189

Special requirements for quality and competence with respect to medical laboratories


Requirements for warehouses and distribution centers of medicines

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