Lean Management

Efficient and effective company processes

Waste is something of the past with Lean Management. All elements of the process which do not add value for the organization are cancelled out, which can amount to a reduction of the company processes up to 30%. This leads to higher quality, higher customer and employee satisfaction, combined with cost reduction. Solutio offers a practical solution to render your complete company process Lean, which results in a demonstrable and sustainable rise in sales.


Lean strategy with a simple plug-in

Solutio reviews the entire company’s processes and summarizes the outcome in a transparent flowchart. This ensures a quick grasp on the mechanics of your operations and which activities are superfluous. With these insights, we create a Lean strategy specifically designed for your company. We embed the required adaptations into your current management system and process flow. With our flexible, integral solution, you are assured of a Lean process, which means an optimal process.

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Norms, standards, guidelines and legislation:

With a Lean strategy, you can realize a clear and lasting increase in turnover. However, as an involved party, it can be difficult to determine which process elements are superfluous. Solutio assists you during this process and guides you from start to finish. Below are some norms, standards, guidelines and legislation which we use to realize a Lean process.


LEAN Management

Philosophy aimed at maximum value for client.


LEAN Six Sigma

Method for demonstrable and sustainable improvement of the company’s result.

TQM (Total Quality Management)

Constant improvement of company’s result with focus on customers’ demands and company strategy.

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