ISO 9001 certification

If structural attention to quality assurance is what you desire, ISO 9001:2015 is something you will eventually come across. This international standard for quality management systems is used to assess whether your organization is capable of meeting stakeholders’ requirements. Solutio is your ISO 9001 consultant and helps you prepare for certification. Do you want to increase customer satisfaction? We are there to assist you.


The ISO 9001: 2015 standard for quality & risk management

The ISO 9001 standard is strict but also fair. The requirements you have to meet in order to become ISO 9001 certified, offer a good start for setting up a good quality management system. When you meet this ISO standard, you have made good progress on embedding quality assurance within your organization. The standard consists of the following principles:

  • Say what you do;
  • Do what you say;
  • Prove that.


More than just obtaining ISO 9001 certification

At Solutio, we think of more than just the ISO standard for quality management. Together with you, we harbor all necessary changes and opportunities within your main company process. This is all done with our practical Plug-In Management System© that you can immediately incorporate.

First of all, we map all processes within your organization. In doing so, we zoom in on the several tasks that consist within sub-processes and their influence on the main company process. This way, it is clear which improvements in the area of quality and risk management can be implemented in the organization, what the consequences are of these changes and if there are any unnecessary risks that can be minimized. ISO 9001 certification can be a large part of this and with our practical plug-in all relevant certifications and requirements are incorporated within your current process flow.

Norms, standards, guidelines and legislation:

Solutio supports you with a tailor-made quality assurance system so you can meet the various norms, standards, guidelines, laws & regulations that are important to your organization. We can advise you on both a national and international level, so that you do not run into any risks and your organization is allowed to excel. Below you will find some certificates that we can help you obtain and models with which we can take the quality assurance to a high level.

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