ISO 45001 certification

The Health and Safety of your employees is of great importance for your business continuity. Many factors contribute to this, including physical workload & -conditions, machine safety and psychosocial hazards in the workplace. ISO 45001 is the internationally accepted standard for ensuring occupational health and safety management systems. Based on the various tools the standard offers, the dangers and risks within your organization are identified and evaluated. An occupational health and safety management system includes a plan on how the observed action points can be limited or fixed. Being ISO 45001 certified shows others that you pay attention to the workplace circumstances of your employees and you guarantee health and safety in your organization.


The benefits of ISO 45001 certification

OHSAS 18001 – and the newer ISO 45001 – helps you determine the steps that need to be taken in the area of health and safety. It consists of various tools for continuous improvement of workplace circumstances and ensures the control of risks in the occupational health department. It does not only help you prevent civil and/or criminal prosecution as a result of negligence, it can lead to satisfied employees and fewer health risks. In turn, this will result in a reduction in absence and cost saving.

Solutio does not only take ISO 45001 certification into consideration when creating a suitable management system. With our own tool, the Plug-In Management System©, we ensure Health & Safety is properly harbored within your organization. Topics such as Lean Management and Environment & Sustainability are also included in the system. ISO 45001 is closely related to RI&E (Risico Inventarisatie & Evaluatie), which we use to evaluate your responsibilities as well. By implementing our tailor-made management system, you are qualified for ISO 45001 certification and you meet all requirements from applied legislation.


A management system that withstands the test of time

An occupational health and safety management system entails more than just preventing hazards and reducing absence among employees. Process optimization is a constant process that needs to be properly implemented within your organization. With the Plug-In Management System© you can respond in a timely manner to the ever-changing requirements of stakeholders. Solutio is your partner when it comes to process optimization.

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