Health & Safety

Embedding requirements for a safe and healthy workplace

New processes, machines, or technologies inadvertently lead to regulatory changes. Compliance is important, not only because of civil or criminal prosecution risks but because your company profits from it. Structural attention to Health & Safety and Training & Education translates into competent and motivated employees who are less prone to be absent. The customer’s trust and appreciation will improve and you will receive higher rates at tenders.


Risk Inventory & Evaluation

Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) is an important principle for Solutio to guarantee the requirements for Health & Safety. The outcome is processed into a compact flowchart of your company operations. We embed the required actions in your business processes with our practical plug-in. This integral solution ensures company continuity. By providing you with sound Health and Safety advice, we aim to optimize your company processes to enable you to achieve optimal results.

To be able to work healthy and safely, employees need to be given Training & Education. Click on the link to learn more about the way Solutio can assist you.

With a management system from Solutio you not only incorporate all Health & Safety requirements at that time, but you are also prepared for the future. Do you wish to know more about the way we can help you optimize your business processes?

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Norms, standards, guidelines and legislation

The Solutio Management system will be aimed at your company/organisation and will, among others, comply to the following norms, standards, guidelines and legislation:


Safety, Health & Environment plans for project safety

Emergency plans

Evacuation plans

Meeting the latest EU / NEN norms, to be printed on whatever desired material

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