Expert guidance from sand to “plant” leads to optimal efficiency

Solutio knows the way in the rules and regulations surrounding the realization of an organization. We will gladly help you with a thorough greenfield strategy and can assist you during the entire process from lot to well-oiled organization (“plant”) and serving your customers. This way you can focus on what is important to you, while all business processes are optimized along the way.

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From greenfield strategy to profitable business

Solutio offers professional support during the implementation of greenfield projects . We thoroughly evaluate the entire life cycle of your company, in order to get a complete overview of relevant legislation and regulations, necessary certifications and possible risks. This provides us with insight into the most optimal (re)design of your business processes. We assist you with all relevant aspects during the development of a greenfield project to a fully functioning company, including: environmental and building permits, Health & Safety, MARD (Major Accident Risks Decree), notifications, Environment & Sustainability, fire safety, Crisis Assessment and Evaluation (RI&E) and the various certifications of your company and products. We implement this in your current process flow. This way your company can make optimal returns.


A tailor-made Plug-In Management System©

In collaboration with you, we develop a Plug-In Management System© specifically suited to your wishes and demands. In order to do this, we first need to modularly lay down the entire business process in a compact overview, so that the opportunities regarding optimization in your organization are immediately apparent. This management system is a complete solution and includes more than just a greenfield strategy. This is because all subprocesses within a company intertwine with each other, creating one complete process description that needs to be optimized for optimal results.


Your all-round partner in process optimization

Solutio is aware of all relevant laws and regulations regarding greenfield. With a Plug-In Management System©, we tend to the complete process optimization within your organization. Our specialists assist you from start to finish with the various services that we offer such as company trainings, Health & Safety and more. With a greenfield strategy and the Plug-In Management System© we ensure that your organization can perform optimally, by limiting all potential risks

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Solutio offers professional guidance during the implementation of greenfield projects

We assist you with all aspects that occur during the evolution from a greenfield project to an operational company.

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