Food safety

Integrated HACCP-criteria ensure company continuity

Food safety is of vital importance. The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)-criteria have to be observed by every company in the Netherlands that is active in the Food sector. Due to health risks and resulting company risks, having and maintaining grip on food safety is an absolute must. In order to realize this, you need to know which food safety procedures you need to abide to. Solutio is there to advise you and incorporate all necessary changes in your business process with a custom-made management system.


Food safety under control

A negative brand image, the culture of suing, civil or criminal consequences, all the more reasons to observe the regulatory requirements and norms of food safety. In service of this, Solutio charts your complete production and/or distribution process and executes a discerning HACCP study. In a HACCP plan, we will determine how you will be able to control and manage the CCP’s (Critical Control Points). This ensures that food safety procedures will be a self-evident element in your operations and compliance with regulation.

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Norms, standards, guidelines and legislation:

Food safety is a crucial factor in the food industry. At Solutio, we ensure that it is correctly incorporated in your business flow. Implementation of the HACCP criteria is an essential part of this, but we can also assist you in harboring food safety in the long term. Below you can view several norms and standards that we can help you achieve and guidelines with which we test food safety within your organization:

ISO 22000

Tandard for food safety (generic)

PAS 220

Food safety, for producers

PAS 223

Food safety, packaging foods


Quality assurance system for the humane and veterinarian pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetic industry and the food industry.

IFS (International Featured Standard – Food)

Standard for food safety of the HDE, the German branch organization of distributors of foods.

BRC (British Retail Consortium)

Standard for food safety by the British branch organization of the retail sector.

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