CSR performance ladder

Solutio helps you with a CSR-based performance ladder. The ladder is based on the ISO 26000 guideline, which manages the international guidelines for sustainability, in combination with the guidelines of AA1000 (stakeholder management) and GRI (indicators and reporting). The standard of the CSR performance ladder is designed in such a way that it is applicable internationally and is recognized as a legitimate certificate.


How does the CSR performance ladder work?

Just like the CO2 performance ladder, the CSR performance ladder consists of 5 levels. In addition to the 33 recognizable CSR indicators, the level is also based on the number of years that an organization is in possession of the certificate. For example, you need at least a 3-year certificate to obtain level 3 or higher. The CSR performance ladder is an objective means of proof for organizations that conduct corporate social responsibility. Stakeholder requirements and expectations are managed based on the results.


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