Compliance Management

Assurance of regulatory compliance

With a Compliance Management System, you ensure the continuity of your company and prevent civil or criminal prosecution. The set requirements include, among other things, working conditions, environment, environmental permits and calamity plans. Compliance Management can also be specifically aimed at the shipping industry or working with dangerous substances. Our effective approach embeds the current legislation in your processes and anticipates future regulations.


A Compliance Management System ensures business continuity

The organisation as a whole is influenced by Compliance Management. To get a complete image of the legislation involved, we set up a flow chart of your company processes to be able to see which processes are affected by your demands. The necessary actions will be embedded into your company processes with our practical plug-in, with which all relevant processes will be optimized, from Compliance Management to Quality Assurance. This integral solution meets the diverse legislative requirements and (ISO)norms and ensures the continuity of your company.


A custom-made Plug-In Management System©

Solutio does not create a separate Compliance Management System, but creates a complete solution that benefits your entire organization. With our practical plug-in, we anchor the necessary changes in your business process. This integral solution meets the various legislative demands and (ISO) standards and safeguards your business continuity.

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Norms, standards, guidelines, legislation

Solutio supports you in optimizing your business process. With our expertise in process optimization and your knowledge of the industry, we ensure that you meet the various norms, standards, guidelines and legislation that are relevant to your organization. With a Compliance Management System incorporated in the roots of your company, you will be set for the future.

Below are several norms, standards, guidelines and legislation Solutio can assist you with:


Law on working conditions

Arbo RI&E

Risk Inventory & Assessment


Law on Environment


Law on Work Councils


International Shipping and Port Facilities Code

Environmental permits

Registry of environmental aspects

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