CO2 performance ladder

The CO2 performance ladder helps you measure the CO2 reduction within your organization. Certification provides you with immediate financial benefits, including lower energy costs, material savings and innovation profit. This is why the CO2 performance ladder is a wonderful addition to any company that wants to pay attention to both the environment and its costs.


How does the CO2 performance ladder work?

This system consists of 5 levels, with level 5 representing the highest possible level of CO2 reduction. In order to achieve a certain level, the organization is evaluated from four different angles: insight, reduction, transparency and participation. A certified company is checked every year. Based on this report, the level on the CO2 performance ladder will be determined.

If you only contribute to CO2 reduction within your own organization, a maximum of level 3 can be achieved on the ladder. If you also contribute to the continuous improvement of your business sector or exert influence outside your own company, you will be awarded a rank 4 or rank 5.

In addition to a healthier organization, being a certified company gives you an advantage with tenders. Companies that are high on the CO2 performance ladder are rewarded with an award advantage in the tender process.


Solutio as your partner

We help you with both the registration and the implementation of the CO2 performance ladder. We integrate all necessary changes into one process-oriented management system: Solutio’s very own Plug-In Management System©. By doing so, your organization meets all requirements of stakeholders, legislation and regulations.

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