Business continuity plan

Whether there’s a power outage, extreme weather, a fire or an earthquake; every calamity has an effect on the continuity of your organization. It is important that your company is hindered as little as possible from such incidents. For that reason, it is important to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. A business continuity plan, otherwise known as a contingency plan, outlines the steps you need to take to get your business back on track as soon as possible when a calamity occurs. Solutio looks beyond compliance with laws and regulations and is there to assist you in times of crisis.


A business continuity plan in case of calamities

Small interruptions in business activities occur at every company. But what would you do if your company suffers from a major incident? With a business continuity plan you help minimize the damage caused by a calamity. This reduces the chance that your business activities will come to a standstill for a long period of time. A proactive plan is necessary to resume the affected business activities as quickly as possible. It also helps prevent or limit permanent damage to your organization and civil or criminal prosecution as a result of calamities.

The business continuity plan includes who and what you need after a calamity, so that you can promptly take action and your company can function optimally again. Without a good plan you run the risk of bankruptcy as a result of a major calamity, while this is something that could possibly have been prevented. A business continuity plan ensures that your organization fully complies with the laws and regulations. This entails the various applicable disciplines to your company. Among other things, these measures relate to occupational health and safety, contingency plans, sustainability and environmental permits.


Solutio as a partner for your business continuity

A business continuity plan depends entirely on the needs and structure of your company. We review your entire business process and describe all possible calamities. All sub-processes within your organization are taken into account while doing this, to create a complete plan. Various steps must be taken in the event of various calamities, which we all describe in a clear overview.

Our plan is not only suitable for the present, but also anticipates on changes that might occur in the future. This way, we create a business continuity plan that withstands the test of time. When major changes are incorporated within your company, we adjust the plan so you are always prepared for possible incidents.


One integrated management system

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