About Solutio

Solutio is a flexible consultancy firm in the field Quality, Safety, Health  and Environment (QSHE) that ensures streamlined company processes with and for its clients. Optimizing company processes leads to a noticeable and sustainable improvement of the performance and results of a company.


Solutio provides input and looks ahead

We always invest in a strong relationship with our relations by providing the best possible service. The variation in our clientele and relations results in accessibility to an enormous amount of knowledge. We gladly share this knowledge, as everyone profits in the end.

Solutio likes to look ahead. We anticipate on any possible developments and changes in laws and regulations within the company, the market or the entire business sector. We do all of this to ensure companies can excel and prepare for the future.

Core values

Personal client involvement

From providing input to looking ahead

Large scale projects to smaller tasks; we always provide the highest quality of service.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Team

Maarten van Beek

Advisor and owner

Bob Meegdes


Mariska Mathijssen

Advisor & training courses

Rowan Withagen


Janetta van Beek

Office management & training courses

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